Under Technical Regulation of the Customs Union, the producer now needs one official importer to obtain the necessary permits and certificates.
The certificates will be issued in the name of that Russian legal entity for the period of the certificate’s validity (1-5 years).
If you do not have one fully trusted partner in Russia, or you do not want to emphasize one of your local distributors over others,


Why GOST-R Agent?

  • GOSTAR Agency is a Russian legal entity designed and fully authorized to provide a wide range of services to foreign exporters in the Customs Union.
  • GOSTAR Agency has full understanding of Russian business practices, formalities and procedures. We know all the pitfalls and solutions, and shall safely navigate your merchandise through the dire straits of the Customs Union Regulation
  • GOSTAR Agency and its board have a long-standing experience in assisting foreign producers to bring and distribute their products in the Russian market.  We enjoy excellent standing with all branches of authorities crucial to the required procedures and successful importation.
  • GOSTAR Agency can and gladly will be your one-stop agent in Russia, implementing the full scope of missions you would choose to charge us with.
  • GOSTAR Agency is not and will never be a competitor to your distributors. We are not in the distribution business, we are perfectly neutral as regards your merchandise. We are not concerned with what type of products you sell in Russia. We shall obtain all legal permits for your merchandise and follow your further instructions to the letter.
  • You can communicate with GOSTAR Agencyt in English or Russian at any convenient time regardless your time zone. Our headquarters in Moscow, and we have representatives in the USA and EU as well.
  • GGOSTAR Agency will fulfill your assignments in the fastest and most economical way. Moreover, we shall advise you on the best solutions in any situations or contingencies.
  • With GOSTAR Agency representing you in Russia, you get a strong, knowledgeable and reliable local ally.


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