Under Technical Regulation of the Customs Union, the producer now needs one official importer to obtain the necessary permits and certificates.
The certificates will be issued in the name of that Russian legal entity for the period of the certificate’s validity (1-5 years).
If you do not have one fully trusted partner in Russia, or you do not want to emphasize one of your local distributors over others,


Main Terms

New Technical Regulations of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrghyzstan and Belarus have defined the term “Representative of the Manufacturer”. According to this definition, Representative of the Manufacturer” is a legal entity, fully and properly registered in a state – member of the Customs Union, authorized by the manufacturer via a contract to act on his behalf with the purpose of certification and distribution of the products in the Customs Union, and sharing with the manufacturer the responsibility for non-conformity of the product to the respective Technical Regulations.

This means that in order to certify a product for Russia*, the exporter MUST have a representative in Russia in form of a Russian legal entity, contracted by the exporter as a recipient of his merchandise.

As your representative and acting within the scope of authority delegated by you to us, we are the ones to apply for the certification, receive the merchandise in Russia, and then release it to your distributors as instructed. Accounts between the manufacturer and buyers are settled directly, without our involvement unless agreed upon otherwise.

To be a legitimate applicant for your certificates, we need to have a contract with you. They come in three types:

  1. Agency contract (договор поручения)
  2. Sales contract (договор купли-продажи)
  3. Consignment contract (договор консигнации)

We can discuss with you any of the options, yet the simplest and easiest one is the consignment contract. Our base responsibility as a consignee to you on that contract would be to release your merchandise as you instruct. Additional services are optional.

Prior to signing a consignment contract for a specific product or shipment, we have to sign a General Agreement for representation. That Agreement will govern all our relations and interaction, as well as our fees. We shall be remunerated on a retainer basis, which would depend on the duration of the contract and the retaining period.


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