Under Technical Regulation of the Customs Union, the producer now needs one official importer to obtain the necessary permits and certificates.
The certificates will be issued in the name of that Russian legal entity for the period of the certificate’s validity (1-5 years).
If you do not have one fully trusted partner in Russia, or you do not want to emphasize one of your local distributors over others,


Responsibilities of GOSTAR Agency

By becoming your representative in the Customs Union, GOSTAR Agency as a Russian company assumes serious responsibilities before Russian consumers, government authorities and the law. Articles 36-39 of Federal Law # 184-FЗ «On Technical Regulation» states that "representative, or seller, or entity acting as the agent of a foreign producer, can be held responsible under civil and criminal penal code in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation..."

Article 14.43 of the Russian Administrative Code stipulates that “A violation of Technical Regulations by a foreign manufacture’s agent is punishable by a fine from 100 000 to 300 000 Rubles, or in case of serious consequences of the violation – up to 1 000 000 Rubles or/and suspension of the company”.

Also, should the product be recalled, the Representative has to participate in the recall.

Thus, although our contract with the Exporter would stipulate that the Exporter assumes full responsibility for the safety of his product and its continuous conformity to the certificates obtained, and that the Exporter would bear all financial expenses incurred through violations of Technical Requirements, we are still taking very serious risks for you.


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