Under Technical Regulation of the Customs Union, the producer now needs one official importer to obtain the necessary permits and certificates.
The certificates will be issued in the name of that Russian legal entity for the period of the certificate’s validity (1-5 years).
If you do not have one fully trusted partner in Russia, or you do not want to emphasize one of your local distributors over others,


Events and News

Seminar/webinar on Customs Union practical implications 
We are receiving a lot of questions about how exportation of particular products to Russia is affected by new Regulations of the Customs Alliance. To comply with these requests, we are co-sponsoring a seminar/webinar on these specific subjects. The tentative name:"Customs Union: exportation issues and solutions." Three key experts from Russia will speak on

  • Customs Union strategy and foreign trade
  • Certification changes under various Technical Regulations
  • Customs procedures, pit falls and solutions

After that we shall have a Q&A session with the experts.

We are working on this together with Russian European Chamber of Commerce, Russian Standard, Ltd. and Sercons Holding.

Please click here to let us know about your interest to attend, and send us you questions so we can answer them in the presentations.  I AM INTERESTED!


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