Q. Why do we need a representative in Moscow?
A. If you need to get your merchandise into Russia (Customs Union), you need to obtain GOST-R (GOST-TR) certification. Only a Russian legal entity can apply for it as your official importer. If you have a reliable partner or office in Russia, you are in good shape. If you do not, you need one. Why in Moscow? It can be located anywhere in the Customs Union. Yet, from the practical stand point, Moscow is the best place for efficient operation.

Q. What you would do for us as a representative in Russia?
A. We shall officially accept responsinbility for your goods before Russian authorities and apply for the necessary certificates as your importer. We shall be the ones to receive the goods from the Customs and handle them as you instruct: release them to your buyer, take them to the warehouse etc. Besides that, there are many services that we shall gladly offer you.

Q. What are the risks?
A. You have to sign with us a Consignment contract, by which we shall handle your merchandise strictly in compliance with your official instructions. A most common scenario is that we shall release it to your distributor at the Customs warehouse. We, on the other hand, are fully responsible for the safety and quality of your goods before Russian customers and authorities, and in case of deviations from the original products specifications we can be heavily fined, disbanded or, in case of severe consequences, even taken to civil or criminal court.

Q. What documents are we sign with you?
A. We shall sign 2 documents: a general agreement for representation defining our relationship, confidentiality and responsibilities, and a consignment contract for a particular product you need certified and imported. For each new certification project, we shall be signing a new consignment contract.







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