Under Technical Regulation of the Customs Union, the producer now needs one official importer to obtain the necessary permits and certificates.
The certificates will be issued in the name of that Russian legal entity for the period of the certificate’s validity (1-5 years).
If you do not have one fully trusted partner in Russia, or you do not want to emphasize one of your local distributors over others,


Costs and fees

Once you hire us as your representative agent, you are to retain us for at least 3 months at an agreed upon reasonable rate. Fees for our certification services during the retained period are accounted for in the retainer amount.

Optional services are charged either as a lump sump, or on the hourly basis. The hourly rates are very competetive and depend on the type and volume of services requested.

As we only represent and serve you as your agent in Russia, rather than a buyer, and would not do anything with your merchandise unless explicitly ordered by you, your merchandise is to be insured at all times and at your expense.

We submit an expense for report for your approval monthly or at agreed upon intervals.


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